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Quintessential awkwardness

moving at the speed of existence

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7 May 1983
[adult swim], abnormal psychology, alchemy, anatomy, ancient history, anime, anthropology, artificial intelligence, artificial language, asian snack foods, biology, bisexuality, black phoenix alchemy lab, books, cold processed soap, computer games, consciousness, console games, conversation, cryptography, cuddling, dancing, daydreaming, dictionaries, dorks, drawing, dreaming, dreams, emotion, essential oils, etymology, evening, fairy tales, fantasy, fate, folklore, forensics, gamers, gaming, geeks, george romero, graphic novels, gray weather, handmade soap, horror, hugs, humanity, intelligence, japan, japanese, japanese culture, japanese horror films, japanese language, japanese music, languages, larp, larping, latin, learning, legends, linguistics, literature, logic, logic puzzles, love, luck, manga, memory, mind's eye theater, music, mythology, neil gaiman, nerds, neuromancy, neuroscience, northfield mount hermon, occult, paganism, pain, parapsychology, perfume, perfumery, personality disorders, psychology, psychometry, psychopathology, purpose, quiet, rain, reading, religion, role playing, role playing games, role-playing, roleplaying games, rpg, rpgs, sci-fi, science, science fiction, sensuality, shoujo, singing, sleep, snuggling, socks, star gazing, storms, tea, the 80s, the occult, the sea, the supernatural, theology, thunderstorms, travel, true love, truth, turn-based strategy, victorian literature, video games, virology, web comics, weirdness, witchcraft, wraith: the oblivion, writing, zombies

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